Angel's portrait 【flower × picture】
Kanagawa Nadeshiko brand "Angel's portrait 【flower × picture】" The fresh photo “Angel ‘s portrait [flower x picture]” was certified as a Kanagawa Nadeshiko brand.

Angel ‘s portrait 【flower × picture】 ~ flower hair ornament ~

I came to see hair decorations with flowers even at bridal and adult ceremonies.
Shichigosan ‘s hair ornament.
Why do not you go out to the shrine by arranging raw flowers combined with your kimono?

Mommy put a matching fresh flower corsage ♥

Hair decorations with custom – made flowers in Shichigosan.

A flower designer goes on business and decorates fresh flowers on the spot,
Plan that photography is packaged · · ·

This “Shichigosan 3 ✿ Flower × Picture” business trip service started from Shichigosan in 2013.
This may be the first time in Japan, or the world first ! It is!

660 px - 5 d - l 3919

Customers here arrange fresh flowers for handmade bean paste.
At your home shooting scenes → Shinto shrine → It was a course to Sankei garden.

At the Sansei Garden, a person who passed each other was a storm of joy and blessing from strangers as soon as he realized “Kya, is this flower?”

I think that fresh flowers have power so much.

600 px _ LM - IMGL 7502

Flower designer will arrange to arrange to the place you wish for the day.

I will hear your request for finishing the flower arrangements to suit Japanese hair and Western-style hair. In addition, we will arrange for you to send us your kimono photo in advance and match the color of your kimono.

This is a new Japanese hair version ↓


Hair version ↓

Image-607676927a 0 f 68 e 3 e 97 b 99 e 7 f 52277 c 4-defaultImage-5709dffba 83ce-default

Seven-five-three-year-old flower hair ornament

Mom’s reward plan ☆

“Children are the leading role in Shichigosan, so you do not have to wear kimonos.”
To the suit of the clothes school called mama.

Why do not you wear a fresh flower corsage with matching shichi-go three children?

I think that I think that tension will go up like wearing kimono!
Oh. Just imagining it to be exciting ~.
Mommy is either hair decorate or corsage decorated on the chest either OK.
Mommy wearing kimono, matching matching hair decoration is wonderful.

660 px - 5 d - 13785

660px - 2000px - 5d - l 3622

We prepared a discount offering for you.

1) Flower designer + two people traveling in a shooting skill Special plan
2) Flower Arrangement Delivery + Shippai Shooting
3) Flower arrangement Arrangement delivery only
4) artichall flower (high class artificial flower) rental plan

You can choose from 3 patterns.

1) Photographer × Flower Designer ✿ Business Trip Plan (including tax)

3 years old 7 years old
Children only 6,000 yen + travel travel expenses 8,400 yen + travel travel expenses

● Written business travel photography service »» essential ● flower designer »>> accompany ※ flower designer traveling expenses will be charged separately.
※ Pair with mama flower decorations will be available at +3,000 yen.

【Flower arranging hair ornament】 Consultation form

2) Flower Hair Ornament ✿ Shipping Plan (tax included)

3 years old 7 years old
Children only ¥ 8,000 10,400 yen

5 d - l 7098

● Delivery service for floral hair ornaments will also be handled so that we can also offer to distant people.
● You can apply even if you do not order photograph services for classified photos!
● Pair with mama Flower decoration is available at +3,000 yen.

“Floral hair ornament delivery plan” When summarized. . .

● Writing business trip photography service »» Even without it
● Flower Designer »» Not accompanied by a parcel ● Delivery of flower decoration by courier

Articulate flower (high class artificial flower) also started handling.

Recommended case of Artificial Flower ● Kimono of Japanese Modern · Taisho Romanteist ● Person who wants to decorate flowers with volume. (Fresh flowers in large swings are heavy)
Those who wish to have a home delivery pack. (You do not have to worry about freshness)
● For those who want to rent cheaply

For Articual Flower, it is a quotation.

Shichigosan Photos Ginkgo bunches

【Angel’s Portraits】
How can I apply for it?

Below is the flow.

1) Please fill in this [Hearing Sheet] first.

2) Next, please fill out this [Flower arrangement Arrangement consultation form] .

We will give you an estimate from the review photo.

Payment ↓
Schedule photographer & flower designer ↓
From the flower designer, design & coordination mails combined with the kimono etc. will arrive so please consult ↓
That day. The flower designer will visit the place of your choice and set up hair ornaments.
It is also possible to shoot a documentary of the scene.

If you do not wish to shoot the making scene,
We will meet with a photographer at a shrine etc and start shooting.

Flower arrangement & hairdressing options for artificial flowers are not limited to Shichigosan 3

Newborn (newborn baby) Photo Omi Shrine 13 visiting graduate graduation entrance entrance ceremony adult ceremony pet shoot

We will correspond in every scene such as etc.

Past flowers × photos 【angel’s portrait】 articles here »» ★





Experience Inbound ~ KIMONO Experience ~
Kimono shooting party @ old folk house 【Report ②】

KIMONO Experience

Ultra-pressure MAX Kimono shoot meeting with 30 minutes of dressing, 10 minutes shooting!
Report 2nd bullet, photo is released at once!

Those who participated, I will post photos of all of them.

660px - 5D - L 1467

KIMONO Experience

KIMONO Experience









660px - 5D - L 0316


Pre-adult filming ✿ In the location shooting plan, you can specify this old private house.

An old private house

KIMONO Experience ~ Kimono Shooting Association @ Old private house report ①

KIMONO Experience ~ Kimono Shooting Association @ Guardian Application Guidelines

Inbound is a trip that a foreigner visits. Inbound to Japan is referred to as a foreign tour or a visit to Japan. On the other hand, a trip to a foreign country from his country is called outbound or overseas travel.
What is Inbound (Visiting Japan Travel / Visit to Japan) · Glossary – JTB Research Institute

Kimono Experience:


For a traditional Japanese cultural experience I would recommend visiting Honmoku Yokohama
Where you will be dressed in an exquisite silk kimono for men, women and children.

This takes place in an eighty year old home.
After wearing the kimono you will be asked to pose for a number of photographs throughout the beautiful building.
At the conclusion of the two hour event you will be provided with approximately 100 photographs via Cloud,
Of which one of your choice (A3 size data) will be given given to you.

At the same venue, the owners of the traditional Japanese home can offer a delicious meal as an optional extra.
This meal consists of eleven small dishes with a variety of food ranging from soup, rice, tuna, sashimi, sushi, vegetables, seaweed, pickles, prawns and radish.
Japanese tea is served with the meal.

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